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Dynamic QR codes & plans

The content of a QR code cannot be changed once printed. Dynamic QR code is a technique pointing to our static URL that hosts the actual content (e.g. your real URL). You can change this hosted content anytime and reuse already printed QR codes for a new content.

You can create dynamic QR codes within the free trial and paid plans. When your plan expires, these QR codes will remain working but you cannot edit hosted content. Also, you will be able to deactivate any QR code. This is provided without any additional payment.

You can renew your plan when you need and edit all your old QR codes.

Tips for printing QR codes

Printing on paper (menu, cards)

Save your generated QR and use it on any documents you want. Ordinary printers can print it for you or you can use your local printing services including libraries.

Please keep the following in mind to make your QR readable to your customers:
  • Test your QR codes:
    1. Print your QR code to the intended medium or piece of paper with other required content around
    2. Scan the printed QR code using various devices and apps
    3. Verify the result of your scan. If your QR code contains a link, click on the link to verify it.
  • Use our dynamic QR if the content of your QR may change. Dynamic QR cannot be changed to a static QR and vice versa because it is a part of the QR code.
  • Use the full address in your link including http:// (or https:// if applicable)
  • Double check the static link used in your QR code (if you use our dynamic link, its content can be changed anytime)
  • You can use different colours but use good contrast ratio (do not use too light colour for your QR code)
  • Do not invert colors – use dark for QR code and light for background
  • QR code size depends on scan distance and content of the QR code
    • We strongly recommend testing the QR for your case
    • Size 6—15 cm (2.4—6 in) for distances 45—75 cm (1.5—2.5 feet)
    • Size 16—75 cm (6.3—30 in) for distances 1—3 m (3.2—10 feet)
  • Leave enough space around your QR and other content or edges of the medium
    • We recommend to keep 0.7 cm (1/4″) of white space around all four sides of the QR code
  • If you use QR with a label, test your QR carefully. It may be harder to scan.

Custom services in Alberta (Canada)

We can do all the hard work for you and deliver your printed QR codes (e.g. stickers, cards) within Alberta (including Calgary, Edmonton, Canmore and Banff, Jasper). Ask our Custom package.

Stickers & delivery in Canada


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Static QR codes cannot be changed after saving or printing!

Use a dynamic QR code instead if your content may change in future. If you are not sure, use a dynamic QR code.