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Our QR codes are an easy and fast way how to provide contactless content to your customers. It is your way to get through COVID-19 difficulties and follow the latest business trends.

We provide free starter plan. Or, you can try standard plan free for one month. No credit card required.

Custom package including printed QR stickers and more (available in Alberta).

Easy QR creation

You can make QR yourself

Create free QR code linked directly to your web page, e.g. menu, deal, waiver, social media etc.


Create a dynamic QR that allows you to change the target page/content of your QR codes. The target of the existing QR code may be changed, e.g. when you want to reuse already printed stickers with QR code for a new page.

Print QR and provide it to your customer.

Try it free. It cannot be easier.

Complete service

Get a quote. We can do all the hard work for you and deliver your QR stickers/cards ready for use. Available only in Alberta.


  • QR Starter

  • Static QR only
  • 3 saved QR codes
  • Links to 1 domain + social media
  • Additional domain is not available
  • Best for small projects with direct links
  • Free
    (services of this plan may change)
  • Create QR
QR best seller plan
  • QR Standard

  • Static and dynamic QR
  • 30 saved QR codes
  • Links to 2 domains + social media
  • $20 per additional target domain
  • Best for small and medium companies
  • CA$ 95
    per year
  • Free for 1 month
  • QR Producer

  • Static and dynamic QR
  • 500 saved QR codes
  • Links to 20 domains + social media
  • $10 per additional target domain
  • Best for large companies, companies with multiple websites and resellers
  • CA$ 890
    per year
  • Get quote
  • Custom QR Package

  • Static and dynamic QR codes
  • Customized solutions for any company
  • Includes additional services and printing
  • Available only in Alberta
  • from CA$ 500
  • Get quote

Get quote

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